One chair for entire childhood.


Kids love it

Froc is an adjustable high chair for playful kids and their frisky parents. It’s characterized by smart features, superior stability and natural materials.

We’ve developed Froc with parents in mind, who want to ensure a completely safe, yet relaxed and carefree childhood for their kids. Following a functionality-driven design paradigm we put a lot of effort to make Froc visually appealing.

Not only great to use, we wanted Froc to look great, too!


Certified safety

Certified by University researchers, tested & proven by our kids at home.

We always take your kid's safety at heart, this is why we designed Froc around one central leg to maximize its stability. Mounted on a solid leg with four extensions, the chair's center of gravity is always at the centre, ensuring impeccable stability. Our chair is certified for safety with the SIST EN-14988-1 and 14988-2 standards.

Durable & natural material

We manufacture Froc entirely from locally sourced wood to keep nature a beautiful place.

Froc is made of wood, a naturally strong, durable and child-friendly material. Its sturdy and quality built will ensure years and years of user-friendly, safe and carefree use. Froc is manufactured in Slovenia, the third most forested country in Europe.

Full-on adjustability

Froc grows with your child. It's designed for 6-month-old toddlers, 10-year-old kids and everyone in between.

It adjusts to your kid's growth in three simple steps - by adjusting the backrest position, the seat and footrest height. Froc will accompany your child from the age of 6 months all the way to 10 years old.

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User testimonials

Because nothing's better than happy customers.

  • Marusa Zdesar Prelesnik

    We bought Froc for our little Jon. The first time we put him in the high chair was when he was 6 months old. It shows he's sitting comfortably, and cheerfully taps with his hands on the table. I'd say he's feeling quite agile. Froc is a nice addition to our kitchen.

  • Neja Gruden

    Our family loves Froc especially because it doesn't use as much space at our dining table as the previous chair. It really is a lot more practical and adjustable than previous chairs. We also like the unique design, but most importantly, our son Ian likes sitting in it.

  • Nika Pertinac

    Good quality of local origins. What else could I possibly want apart from that my son loves his Froc.

  • Aleksandra, David and Taja Fleischmann

    We've been using Froc since our little daughter can sit by herself. Not merely contemporary design, we appreciate its usability, as well. Even though she's a lively child, we do not worry at all, as the chair is really safe. It's really practical and it doesn't take a lot of space. So we can play, have fun and enjoy at her first feeding trials.

  • Ivars Putnins

    Concept is really good, I like!

  • Signe Bergman

    I ordered a white Froc high chair and I'm very satisfied with it. It's both comfortable and gorgeous. Our three-year-old sits comfortably and loves his new chair. It's a smart, nice-looking high chair.

  • Marjeta and Darjan

    Froc is so practical and handy that fits perfeclty in our small apartment.

Assembling Froc

Need help with the assembly? Don’t worry, it’s easy peasy! Just hit play and enjoy the rather nice tune.

About us

Froc is a family company that creates thoughtfully designed products.

Matej founder of the company had the idea for a fully adaptable highchair soon after the birth of his older son Taj. How did this happen? After he in his wife Maruša had failed to find a proper fully-adaptable, modern, wooden highchair on the market they'd want to have for their kids, Matej set out to develop one himself. Soon after the launch, Froc received the first awards and, more importantly, Matej's second born daughter Kiara got a pretty pink Froc chair just for herself.

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